Thursday, February 11, 2010

Postposterous: My late arrival to the blog sphere.

Today I am new to Posterous!  I have spent more then a few hours pondering my purpose:  What should I blog about?  Should I add old photos I've collected?  Do I want to have a topic?  Should I start with a video post?  Heck I have spent hours trying to name my new blog.  Anything to procrastinate making my first post.  I have a hodgepodge of interest so you can wager that the posts to come will be about technology, religion, politics, and current events.  I only hope to contribute meaningful content as time goes on.  As most people, my current blogging experience comes from the popular micro-blog sites i.e. facebook, and twitter.  Feel free to visit those links and send me a friend invite or follow.

I found Posterous by listening to the twit network and hearing Leo Laporte refer to it in a podcast.  I have set-up an account with, but never use it.  The ease of use of Posterous has got me excited and I look forward to blogging from my BlackBerry Storm.  I encourage my facebook and twitter friends to setup their own Posterous account.  Express yourself.

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