Friday, March 18, 2011

I am Kristopher Richards a gun toating liberal.  Yes, you read that right.  I want to run for public office in 2012.  I don't like the death penalty, torture, or any cruel and unusual punishment. I don't like telling people what to do with their body's, homes, or faiths.  I do believe in reason and logic as a pathway to truth.  My Grandmother calls me the family detective.  My fantisy football league:  
The System Administrator.

I appreaciate any advice, questions, and dialog that follows.  My question is what office?  Which race do I run?  I do not concider myself an Independent, Tea Party or otherwise.   I'm not a Republican, or a Democrate.  They are all three sides of the same coin.  I am now a registered Libertarian in the great state of Nebraska.  

The federal goverment is out of control!  It is as expanding like the universe and it believes it has infinate time and resources.  We live in an era where a Democrate administration and congress is spending more on the military in a year then Ronald Regan spent in his entire eight year administration!  And, that money is taken from the mouths of Americans.
It always has been. . .

I am esencally non-violent.  I am not an isolationist but government needs to focus on getting back to defending our enaielianable rights and that's it.  Other dubties should belong to states.  States powers should be strickly regulated by a ratified constitution, and other dubties dligated to communities.  No governement of any size should infringe on our basic enaielianable rights -- Life, liberty, and the pursute of happyness.  That includes protecing us from Cartels and Coruption. Government needs controlled by a sound money system allowing a way to work and provide for our families while controling and limiting governments actions to it's means.  Anything less is a degree of enslavement. We need a fair tax system.  We need to come back home, and provide for our welfair.  We despratly need a free market without coruption. You only need to compair corperate welfair to pubic welfair to know we are being fooled.

Why did we invade Iraq?  Would we of done it without 911? NO.  Iraq wasn't apart of the 911 plot.   What ever happened; we were tricked!  There were no weapons: "Opps oh well it was for best", is the answer I always get, "At least we got Saddam."  Why is nobody concernded about Libia?  They don't provide our oil.  That's why.  Isn't Kadafi just as bad as Saddam?  Was it worth running our economy in the ground in Iraq and taking food from Americans?  Finding Bin Ladin, sure that's a fine idea.  I for one would love to question him!  Did we find him?  NO and he's 7 foot tall!  But, we can't even take out Kadafi's planes before they slaughter people who only want to criticize their government?  It's too risky? Obviously we were tricked about Iraq, and we were tricked about 911.  Many people are still being tricked.  Everyone in the world, the muslem world and elsewhere, want us to take down Kadafi's planes before they slaugter civilians.  Have we? NO.

Everyone knows that Bin Lauden worked for the CIA.  He fought the Russans.  Why would they ever get rid of an asset that huge?  He's 7 foot tall!  If they did kill him, they may never tell.  Most Americans can't tell one Bin Lauden from the other. They might need a stunt double when the public needs tricked again.  They can even just release some muffled audio, people swallow it.  Why tell us he's dead? When will people finally connect the Saudi Royalty, the Bush family, and 911 to the oil con?

Why do we play the their oil game?  The oil is why we invade and build bases.  We have enought natural gas to fule all our cars if we built them for it.  Right here in America.  Including our big SUV's and buses!  We don't built them because the military, oil compainies, and industral complexes that benifit implement the perfict con of war and fear.

There are those that take advantage of various political meltdowns, or natual catastraphies; to loot, steal, or firebomb.  Those people are either terrorists or too hungry.  I fear we are headed for chaos. Every election has been more tense then the last. 

Change is no longer enough to buy milk or eggs.  For that you need dollars!

We need to trim down and get fit if we are to survive.  If we can't do it as a country then we need to do it as a state.  If that's not possible we need to do it as a city.  The phylosophy goes down to the self, that's YOU and I.  All of us need to start behaving like we want to survive if we have to go it alone. Best case we get fit as a nation, prosper, and regain respect in the world.  Worst case. . . we survive.

Now politicians want to take away workers rights, cut social programs, defund space and science research, and take away vital liberties and rights to pay the bills.  This is no way to get fit!  We need to maintain our home first.  Fiercely protecting our rights and freedom! That's how we inspire freedom in the world.

The races I am concidering are:
-- City Council ward 2 in North Platte, Ne  ~ 35%
-- Nebraska Legislator district 42  ~ 45%
-- State Auditor ~ 10%
-- Other by sugestion ~ 10%

The percents are the chance I feel I'll run for the given race.  My own subjective intuition, but I also want a chance to win.

What are YOUR thoughts?  What will YOU run for?  If you know someone who may support me please share this page.

Kristopher Richards

Friday, December 24, 2010

Where Are The Missing Wikileaks Wallpapers?

The story of Wikileaks is complicated. People are confused!

Some think Wikileaks has released 250,000 state department cables, but this could not be further from the truth. As of now 1,897 state department cables have been released. This is not even 1% of the total documents, which with the help of the media have been redacted. At this rate the Wikileaks can continue releasing cables for over 10 years!  We have not seen the most interesting of the disclosures.

It seems to me there has been no damage done except embarrassment to the State Department ie. Hillery Clinton and Military Intelligence (if Bradly Manning was the leak). There have been cables released that benefit US foreign policy interests ESPECIALLY with respect to North Korea and China's relationship. Look for more cables to be released at critical times. It could indicate US intelligence is behind the leaks. They could want to disclose information about foreign diplomats, and Wikileaks could be their scapegoat. Wikileaks itself does not know who sent the information. They never meet the source.  They use an anonymous encrypted internet drop box which they recommend connecting to through TOR.  TOR offers internet anonymity.

Apparently 1000 people around the world, mostly journalist, have the complete encrypted cablegate file. Assange is using the release of the key as leverage to stay out of extradition to the US.  He believes if he is extradited to the US he is likely to be assassinated "Jack Ruby" style.

If you visit one of the wikileaks mirrors and explore the site you will eventually find a series of interesting wallpapers.  This is the most mind bending.  I personally can't wait until Wikileaks exposes the Arc of the Covenant.  If you pay attention to the file names of the wallpapers you will notice they are:  wall1.png, wall2.png, wall3.jpg, wall6.jpg, wall7.jpg, wall8.jpg, wall9.jpg, and wall10.jpg.  Wallpaper's 4 and 5 are missing?  I tried to search them manually but I cannot find them.  I believe the wallpapers are part of the key to the encryption.  Many encryption programs don't just use a password, they can hash your password using key files for added security.  Yes it's speculative, but why else would there be missing wallpapers?

The missing wallpapers must be found!  We may need somebody from inside wikileaks to leak them.  If you have access to the entire cablegate file or information on the missing wallpapers please contact me:

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

North Platte City Council 2010 Debate. Listen to it all.

Do you wonder what the candidates for North Platte City Council think?  Get to know the candidates thanks to my BlackBerry and sound editing skills.  You can listen to the entire debate or just the parts that concern you.

Click here to listen to the entire debate (1h 31m).

*Click on a candidates name to hear their brief introduction. All links that follow are my audio from the debate related to the issue.  I will host these files until after the election, so, invite everyone to inform themselves.  Share this post by email, facebook, or twitter. Just click the button on the bottom of the post.  Listen, inform yourself, and vote!  Your vote really matters on local issues; especially in a mid-term election.

Ward 1 has Brook Baker and Tim Barrett on the Ballot.  Ward 2 is a race between Michelle McNea and Glenn Peterson.  Ward 3 is Jim Carman and Don Kurre.  Finally, Ward 4 is Larry Lee Britton vs Martin Steinbeck, as well asTracy Martinez as a surprise write in candidate.

Thank you for being concerned about North Platte and follow me on twitter @KristopherR.

Libertarian Philosophy is a Step in the Right Direction for Society.

There are two destinations for any society:

The first is a society based on fear.  Everyone must be watched so that they behave, watched by God and Big Brother.  Children are taught watch their parents.  Citizens watch each other, for, if we are not watched the common belief is people will Steal, Rape, and Murder their way to prosperity.  This kind of society kills liberty and rights in the name of comfortably and stability.

The other choice we have is a society that values peoples; property, work, and rights.  A place where people rule themselves.  Where communities work together to provide common welfare and domestic tranquility.

The federal government is like a boa constrictor taking authority from states and never giving it back.  Fear is always their tool and they use key events (like 911) coupled with media to control the public.  The constitution was ratified to limit to powers of the federal government.  However, this was not viewed as adequate control over tyranny, therefor, they conceived the Bill of Rights.  The first 10 amendments to the constitution that defined America and made her the envy on people around the world.

The 10th amendment might be the most important.  It states: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people".  Basically this means if a power is not outlined in the Constitution then it does not belong to the federal government.

If the congress of the US creates a law this is not constitutional it is the duty on the states to nullify the law i.e. basically ignore it.  Nullification (by people or states) is a concept that goes back to Jefferson and other founding fathers.  It is critical to modern debates such as drug legalization (prop 19), and gay marriage.

It's important that all Americans educate themselves about the 10th Amendment, as well as, the other 9 Bill of Rights.  I am reading at the moment:

As a society we need to strive to live with No Gods, and No Masters.  Everyone should have equal justice.  I  respect these two libertarian thinkers.  Electing officials who share their philosophy would be a step in the right direction for our society.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Where Did The Oil Go?

A new government scientific analysis addresses where all the oil went.  These are the figures from the release:
  • 27% Tar-Balls and Sheen being recovered on costs
  • 25% evaporated or dissolved 1.2 million barrels.
  • 17% Recovered from site 827,000 barrels measured directly
  • 16% Naturally dispersed microscopic droplets being degraded 
  • 8% Dispersed  
  • 5% Burned 
  • 3% Skimmed
Total 101%
50% is gone already the rest in degrading or being cleaned from beaches rapidly.
Here is the original video press release:

Well that's it, it's done folks.  Rest assured mother natures has got our backs here!  I really believe most of this could be true, the world is a harsh place and these natural chemicals do eventually break down.  I am still very skeptical of the whole event.  What really happened from the rig explosion to now?
The whole underwater camera show seemed like a scam.  There were times the video seemed to be just a loop. The coordinates didn't seem to make since a lot of the time.  I thought there were several leaks up to 3 on the riser at first.
What about BP getting caught photo shopping pictures for the press releases?  Remember this picture?

Check out this Gizmodo article for the proof and lots of funny remakes of the picture.
These are just a few of many inconsistencies involving the BP oil spill.  Don't you feel like we just watched the longest, biggest, disappearing act of all time? What do you think?  Where did all the oil go? 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

BlackBerry 6 Research in Motion's new OS

BlackBerry has released a sneak peak of their new Version 6 operating system.  I must say It looks quite good.
New features seem to include:
  • A new side scroll screen to brows apps
  • Enhanced media player, with album art
  • Universal Search to find apps and media
  • Revamped web-kit web browser that supports HTML 5 
What seems most impressive is it's managing or social media.  If it works as in the video, you will be able to post to multiple social sites at once.  Managing not just all your social streams, but also RSS Freeds with ease.  I hope it is just like this video, and they get it to the Storm 2.  I don't think Storm users will get it at first release but users of the Bold 9700, Bold 9650, and Pearl 3G will.  It should just be a matter of time for other models.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Using Google Doc's to Create Online Polls, Tests, or Forms.

One very useful feature of Google Doc's I discovered this morning is creating an online form.  A form is used to get input from users on a website or blog.  Google Doc's allows you to create a custom form, which they will host.  This for gathers information and organizes it into a spreadsheet.  It is perfect for creating a websites mailing list,  an online test, or a poll.

What makes it great for a poll is that the page becomes linked with Google Analytics, allowing for you to view the results in organized charts.  For an example I have created a simple two question poll asking: "What Operating Systems do you use" and "What Browsers do you use".  As well at a text box to get peoples feedback.  I created it because I am interested in the topic and want to know what it is popular, as are many developers. This way they can gear development toward what people use.

Click here to see the current results of this poll.