Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Where Did The Oil Go?

A new government scientific analysis addresses where all the oil went.  These are the figures from the release:
  • 27% Tar-Balls and Sheen being recovered on costs
  • 25% evaporated or dissolved 1.2 million barrels.
  • 17% Recovered from site 827,000 barrels measured directly
  • 16% Naturally dispersed microscopic droplets being degraded 
  • 8% Dispersed  
  • 5% Burned 
  • 3% Skimmed
Total 101%
50% is gone already the rest in degrading or being cleaned from beaches rapidly.
Here is the original video press release:

Well that's it, it's done folks.  Rest assured mother natures has got our backs here!  I really believe most of this could be true, the world is a harsh place and these natural chemicals do eventually break down.  I am still very skeptical of the whole event.  What really happened from the rig explosion to now?
The whole underwater camera show seemed like a scam.  There were times the video seemed to be just a loop. The coordinates didn't seem to make since a lot of the time.  I thought there were several leaks up to 3 on the riser at first.
What about BP getting caught photo shopping pictures for the press releases?  Remember this picture?

Check out this Gizmodo article for the proof and lots of funny remakes of the picture.
These are just a few of many inconsistencies involving the BP oil spill.  Don't you feel like we just watched the longest, biggest, disappearing act of all time? What do you think?  Where did all the oil go? 

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