Thursday, February 11, 2010

Google Buzz: What's the hype about.

Late yesterday evening I started hearing that google was going to release a new social networking app.  I could not wait to see what they had cooked up.  I had a fear that it would be a slow release and I'd be scampering around the net looking for a invite.  Much to my relief after visiting the buzz website and clicking the link a few times, buzz was added to my gmail account.  Soon it will be available to people without gmail. However, gmail is the best email to have and will manage all you email accounts in one place. 

Using the search buzz button with the keyword "buzz" I was able to quickly see what people in the community were thinking about buzz.  Many people say it is very much like friend feed, which I have not used so I can't say.  I feel it is a hybrid of twitter and facebook.  It allows you to search status messages and find relevant comments about current events on a global scale, like twitter.  However you can see other peoples comments to posts and reply in a fashion like facebook.  It will allow you to aggregate your favorites and posts from many sites around the internet, making it easier to share videos you like from youtube, or a blog post you like or write.  It will make it easier to find new friends, and old, with similar interests. 

The first thing you should do to find out what all the hype is about -- watch the video released by google.  

It seems like a great way to integrate Google Profile, Google Reader, and Picasa.  It will lead many people to use such services for the first time. And, integrate seamlessly with many other sites around the web.

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