Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Using Google Doc's to Create Online Polls, Tests, or Forms.

One very useful feature of Google Doc's I discovered this morning is creating an online form.  A form is used to get input from users on a website or blog.  Google Doc's allows you to create a custom form, which they will host.  This for gathers information and organizes it into a spreadsheet.  It is perfect for creating a websites mailing list,  an online test, or a poll.

What makes it great for a poll is that the page becomes linked with Google Analytics, allowing for you to view the results in organized charts.  For an example I have created a simple two question poll asking: "What Operating Systems do you use" and "What Browsers do you use".  As well at a text box to get peoples feedback.  I created it because I am interested in the topic and want to know what it is popular, as are many developers. This way they can gear development toward what people use.

Click here to see the current results of this poll.

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