Wednesday, October 27, 2010

North Platte City Council 2010 Debate. Listen to it all.

Do you wonder what the candidates for North Platte City Council think?  Get to know the candidates thanks to my BlackBerry and sound editing skills.  You can listen to the entire debate or just the parts that concern you.

Click here to listen to the entire debate (1h 31m).

*Click on a candidates name to hear their brief introduction. All links that follow are my audio from the debate related to the issue.  I will host these files until after the election, so, invite everyone to inform themselves.  Share this post by email, facebook, or twitter. Just click the button on the bottom of the post.  Listen, inform yourself, and vote!  Your vote really matters on local issues; especially in a mid-term election.

Ward 1 has Brook Baker and Tim Barrett on the Ballot.  Ward 2 is a race between Michelle McNea and Glenn Peterson.  Ward 3 is Jim Carman and Don Kurre.  Finally, Ward 4 is Larry Lee Britton vs Martin Steinbeck, as well asTracy Martinez as a surprise write in candidate.

Thank you for being concerned about North Platte and follow me on twitter @KristopherR.

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  1. Wow Kristopher! I just found your blog through your comment on Don Kurre's blog. Thank you so much for posting this information. Not that I can vote in any of these races, but what happens in North Platte is of vital interest to my hometown of Sutherland.

    And, I really appreciate the use of technology in posting the audio, and the great way that you organized it!

    Keep up the good work!