Friday, December 24, 2010

Where Are The Missing Wikileaks Wallpapers?

The story of Wikileaks is complicated. People are confused!

Some think Wikileaks has released 250,000 state department cables, but this could not be further from the truth. As of now 1,897 state department cables have been released. This is not even 1% of the total documents, which with the help of the media have been redacted. At this rate the Wikileaks can continue releasing cables for over 10 years!  We have not seen the most interesting of the disclosures.

It seems to me there has been no damage done except embarrassment to the State Department ie. Hillery Clinton and Military Intelligence (if Bradly Manning was the leak). There have been cables released that benefit US foreign policy interests ESPECIALLY with respect to North Korea and China's relationship. Look for more cables to be released at critical times. It could indicate US intelligence is behind the leaks. They could want to disclose information about foreign diplomats, and Wikileaks could be their scapegoat. Wikileaks itself does not know who sent the information. They never meet the source.  They use an anonymous encrypted internet drop box which they recommend connecting to through TOR.  TOR offers internet anonymity.

Apparently 1000 people around the world, mostly journalist, have the complete encrypted cablegate file. Assange is using the release of the key as leverage to stay out of extradition to the US.  He believes if he is extradited to the US he is likely to be assassinated "Jack Ruby" style.

If you visit one of the wikileaks mirrors and explore the site you will eventually find a series of interesting wallpapers.  This is the most mind bending.  I personally can't wait until Wikileaks exposes the Arc of the Covenant.  If you pay attention to the file names of the wallpapers you will notice they are:  wall1.png, wall2.png, wall3.jpg, wall6.jpg, wall7.jpg, wall8.jpg, wall9.jpg, and wall10.jpg.  Wallpaper's 4 and 5 are missing?  I tried to search them manually but I cannot find them.  I believe the wallpapers are part of the key to the encryption.  Many encryption programs don't just use a password, they can hash your password using key files for added security.  Yes it's speculative, but why else would there be missing wallpapers?

The missing wallpapers must be found!  We may need somebody from inside wikileaks to leak them.  If you have access to the entire cablegate file or information on the missing wallpapers please contact me:

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