Friday, March 18, 2011

I am Kristopher Richards a gun toating liberal.  Yes, you read that right.  I want to run for public office in 2012.  I don't like the death penalty, torture, or any cruel and unusual punishment. I don't like telling people what to do with their body's, homes, or faiths.  I do believe in reason and logic as a pathway to truth.  My Grandmother calls me the family detective.  My fantisy football league:  
The System Administrator.

I appreaciate any advice, questions, and dialog that follows.  My question is what office?  Which race do I run?  I do not concider myself an Independent, Tea Party or otherwise.   I'm not a Republican, or a Democrate.  They are all three sides of the same coin.  I am now a registered Libertarian in the great state of Nebraska.  

The federal goverment is out of control!  It is as expanding like the universe and it believes it has infinate time and resources.  We live in an era where a Democrate administration and congress is spending more on the military in a year then Ronald Regan spent in his entire eight year administration!  And, that money is taken from the mouths of Americans.
It always has been. . .

I am esencally non-violent.  I am not an isolationist but government needs to focus on getting back to defending our enaielianable rights and that's it.  Other dubties should belong to states.  States powers should be strickly regulated by a ratified constitution, and other dubties dligated to communities.  No governement of any size should infringe on our basic enaielianable rights -- Life, liberty, and the pursute of happyness.  That includes protecing us from Cartels and Coruption. Government needs controlled by a sound money system allowing a way to work and provide for our families while controling and limiting governments actions to it's means.  Anything less is a degree of enslavement. We need a fair tax system.  We need to come back home, and provide for our welfair.  We despratly need a free market without coruption. You only need to compair corperate welfair to pubic welfair to know we are being fooled.

Why did we invade Iraq?  Would we of done it without 911? NO.  Iraq wasn't apart of the 911 plot.   What ever happened; we were tricked!  There were no weapons: "Opps oh well it was for best", is the answer I always get, "At least we got Saddam."  Why is nobody concernded about Libia?  They don't provide our oil.  That's why.  Isn't Kadafi just as bad as Saddam?  Was it worth running our economy in the ground in Iraq and taking food from Americans?  Finding Bin Ladin, sure that's a fine idea.  I for one would love to question him!  Did we find him?  NO and he's 7 foot tall!  But, we can't even take out Kadafi's planes before they slaughter people who only want to criticize their government?  It's too risky? Obviously we were tricked about Iraq, and we were tricked about 911.  Many people are still being tricked.  Everyone in the world, the muslem world and elsewhere, want us to take down Kadafi's planes before they slaugter civilians.  Have we? NO.

Everyone knows that Bin Lauden worked for the CIA.  He fought the Russans.  Why would they ever get rid of an asset that huge?  He's 7 foot tall!  If they did kill him, they may never tell.  Most Americans can't tell one Bin Lauden from the other. They might need a stunt double when the public needs tricked again.  They can even just release some muffled audio, people swallow it.  Why tell us he's dead? When will people finally connect the Saudi Royalty, the Bush family, and 911 to the oil con?

Why do we play the their oil game?  The oil is why we invade and build bases.  We have enought natural gas to fule all our cars if we built them for it.  Right here in America.  Including our big SUV's and buses!  We don't built them because the military, oil compainies, and industral complexes that benifit implement the perfict con of war and fear.

There are those that take advantage of various political meltdowns, or natual catastraphies; to loot, steal, or firebomb.  Those people are either terrorists or too hungry.  I fear we are headed for chaos. Every election has been more tense then the last. 

Change is no longer enough to buy milk or eggs.  For that you need dollars!

We need to trim down and get fit if we are to survive.  If we can't do it as a country then we need to do it as a state.  If that's not possible we need to do it as a city.  The phylosophy goes down to the self, that's YOU and I.  All of us need to start behaving like we want to survive if we have to go it alone. Best case we get fit as a nation, prosper, and regain respect in the world.  Worst case. . . we survive.

Now politicians want to take away workers rights, cut social programs, defund space and science research, and take away vital liberties and rights to pay the bills.  This is no way to get fit!  We need to maintain our home first.  Fiercely protecting our rights and freedom! That's how we inspire freedom in the world.

The races I am concidering are:
-- City Council ward 2 in North Platte, Ne  ~ 35%
-- Nebraska Legislator district 42  ~ 45%
-- State Auditor ~ 10%
-- Other by sugestion ~ 10%

The percents are the chance I feel I'll run for the given race.  My own subjective intuition, but I also want a chance to win.

What are YOUR thoughts?  What will YOU run for?  If you know someone who may support me please share this page.

Kristopher Richards

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  1. I wrote this a long time ago, don't think I'll run. Why believe in a system that doesn't believe in me?